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Ford, Brandon Project 2 - B randon Ford Beth Keller WRA...

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Brandon Ford Beth Keller WRA 150-15 10/7/10 More Than a Game A baseball glove is a simple piece of leather that is usually thrown in the bottom of a garage or closet. It might even be your dog’s most reliable chew toy. That old glove had to come from somewhere. Most kids in the United States have at least played one year of organized baseball. Some just played because their friends played. Some just wanted the opportunity to play in the dirt. Others fell in love with the game and even their glove. I had the same glove from 6 th grade until I was done with high school. When I tried on other teammates’ gloves it felt completely unnatural, but mine slid on and fit perfectly. I tend to be forgetful and lose important things, like keys. But not once did I lose my baseball glove. Baseball has had a huge impact on America and the world. The first rules of baseball were made in 1845 by Alexander Cartwright, who is commonly known as the “Father of Baseball.” In 1901, the National and American leagues combined to form Major League Baseball (MLB). This is the first professional sports organization created in the United States. Sports were not a huge industry by any stretch of the imagination at that
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time. But Major League Baseball became an extremely profitable business in the next 30 or 40 years (Bellis 2) . The MLB laid the blueprint for other professional sports’ organizations like the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Today, sports are the main source of entertainment for Americans. Most days there is some kind of game going on somewhere, whether it is baseball, hockey, football, tennis, soccer, etc. There is even an entire television network, ESPN, dedicated to giving us the news stories of trades, scores, and other information at all hours of the day. If you want nosebleed tickets to a New York Yankees playoff game, it will cost you at least 100 dollars per seat ( Mooney ). Few people would pay that price right? Wrong. More than likely, the Yankees will sell out every single game of the playoffs. Why? Because Americans are
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Ford, Brandon Project 2 - B randon Ford Beth Keller WRA...

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