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Brandon Ford Project 5 Beth Keller December 12, 2010 Project 5 It was a typical Tuesday night in the dorms. My roommate and I were relaxing in our room watching a hockey game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Los Angeles Kings. There was a stoppage in the game as the puck soared out of the rink and into the lap of a lucky fan who was going home with a souvenir. The break in play caused an onslaught of commercials to invade my television. There was one in particular that caught my eye. It was an advertisement for an online credit checking company like freecreditreport.com that allows people to view and manage their credit scores. In the commercial, there was a woman who appeared to be in her 40’s in a bank applying for some kind of loan. The narrator said, “There are three potential credit scores and one bad score could ruin your chances of receiving a loan.” At this time two young, tall, tan, handsome men held up signs that had desirable credit scores on them. But then a short, pale, bald, sweaty man appeared with a sign that had a negative credit score on it. I couldn’t believe it. What did a credit score have to do with physical appearance? There are plenty of other ways to demonstrate how that credit score was undesirable. Maybe they could have used the same man holding all three signs, but for the bad credit score they could have showed him being sick. But they didn’t. They specifically chose physical appearance to get their message across. Advertising companies do loads and loads of market research to see what kind of commercials will appeal to their target market. Apparently, their researchers came to the
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conclusion that their target market will relate most to physical appearance and sex appeal. And who could argue? Everywhere you look there are advertisements that use sex appeal to facilitate their message. Even household products like paper towels, anti-bacterial cream, and vitamins use this technique. Since their broad target market involves mothers, most of the time they select women for their commercials who appear to be in their thirties. But these are no average looking moms.
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