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Gender and Parenting-with comments - Gender and Parenting I...

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Gender and Parenting “I know how to do anything, I’m a mom” – Roseanne Barr. We’ve all grown up knowing about the self titled show Roseanne starred in, but we got to see little of her 4 real life children. Being a mom gave Roseanne a sense of pride and confidence in her life, but is this something all moms agree with? The way Roseanne raised her kids made her feel like she could now accomplish anything in life. Motherhood, to her, equals the upmost form of dedication and passion for something, as it does for many other moms. But can we say that all moms feel this way and that all dads are the carefree, less dedicated ones? Many parents would disagree with this statement and have installed their own unique ways of parenting and raising a child. Men and women will be at constant disagreement as to whom the better parent is and who does more of the work. However, people also tend to disagree on how to raise their children and how each of their actions will affect the kids. Society and the media have affected these parenting decisions throughout all of our life and will continue to do so. The way gender is portrayed in the media affects the choices of each individual in our society and how one will raise their children. Throughout all of history, both men and women have been influenced by the norms of society, and how gender roles and parenting are being depicted. What we see and hear influences our behavior and these “society norms” will have an effect on how every parent makes choices regarding their children. Though many of these parenting choices will always continue to come from the media and others in society, we must still look at other reasons for the choices one parent may make. There are extreme differences in the way some moms raise their children versus how dads will raise their kids, but many similarities between different sex parents exist as well. There are also different ways of parenting in which a single mom or single dad will choose to raise their
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children and some possible choices they may both agree on. One potential choice for any parent, being single or married, is whether they approve of an LGBT parental upbringing of the children. This is quite the controversy and many people have strong opinions on whether this is appropriate or not for a child. Along with choices about marriage and single moms/dads, numerous choices are also made with regard to the sex and gender of a child. Many parents will raise their kids according to stereotypical gender norms, while others may choose the more gender-neutral upbringing. This is also a topic that could be argued by parents forever, but there are definitely factual benefits and setbacks to each type of parenting. The differences we see in parenting are related to so many personal choices and beliefs
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Gender and Parenting-with comments - Gender and Parenting I...

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