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soc 216 exam 4 notes - Soc Exam 4 Notes 11/29/2010 Gender...

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Soc Exam 4 Notes 11/29/2010 Gender in The Media and Sports Gender and media major concepts ideology the vies of beliefs that serve to rationalize the interests of a particular group or justify a particular social arrangement Cultural scripts story lines that frame media images, used to support or resist dominant ideologies Embodiment to express or personify within or upon one's body social hierarchies, characteristics, or relations Gender on television and movies entertainment value relies upon stereotypes and prevailing ideologies situation comedies rely upon predictability, jokes at the expense of women dominant views on family structure and gender roles not challenged women receive less airtime overall younger women are over-represented and older women are under-represented women and girls under-represented in children's movies Male gaze emphasized femininity: white, heterosexual, quite, behaved resistance to dominant gendered images in mainstream media madonna katy perry- I kissed a girl le tigre tko sleader kinney sexualization of women in sports neutralizing techniques?? check out wmba website. Check how they are presented sports and masculinity central to definitions of masculinity, manhood conditional self worth athleticism compensates for social inequalities history of masculinity and sport** sexuality viewed as antithetical to athleticism sport and sexuality now mutually reinforcing dangers of masculinity and sport** damage to bodies most common in sports dominated by men football, boxing, hockey summary of main points media images of women and men largely replicate the culture in which they are created use cultural scripts to support dominant gender ideologies sport also carries cultural messages
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women athletes challenge emphasized femininity
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soc 216 exam 4 notes - Soc Exam 4 Notes 11/29/2010 Gender...

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