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COM 200 method section - Method Section In this study, a...

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Method Section In this study, a total of 75 participants will be surveyed. All of the participant will be Michigan State University undergraduate students. Participants will be approached at busy locations and simply asked by random if they will fill out a survey. Race and sex does not matter for this study because we are not looking at how race or sex affect GPA, only how different activities affect it. When it comes to age, the only thing that matters is that they are undergraduates. There will be a series of surveys for this study but they will all be combined into one large survey. People are going to be asked to fill out a series of surveys that will all be combined int one big survey. There will be different sections of the survey that people only answer if it applies to them. The surveys are completely anonymous so that the participants do not need to worry about people knowing what they answer for each question. For GPA, there will be only one item. There really is no point in asking people their GPA in more than one question. They are simply going to be ask to pick what range their GPA falls under: 0.0-1.4, 1.5-1.9, 2.0-2.3, 2.4-2.7, 2.9-3.0, 3.1-3.4, 3.5-3.8, 3.9-4.0. For Athletics, there are going to be three or four items for the participants to
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COM 200 method section - Method Section In this study, a...

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