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Study_Guide_Exam1 - Pitfalls of surveys and experiments...

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Study Guide Com 200 Exam 1 Science Characteristics of scientific knowledge Empirical verification, fasifiability, normative versus nonnormative knowledge, transmissible, cumulative, general, explanatory, parsimony Steps to the scientific method Induction versus deduction Know definitions from the book ch 1 Statistics, data, sample, population, experiment, randomized experiment, observational study Theory Goal of Communication Research Definition of a theory Characteristics of Theory Four purposes of Science Explanation, prediction, control, description Hypotheses Self-correctiveness of science Humanistic research Definition of a concept Limitations of theory Wheel of science Literature Review Types of library research Primary and Secondary Sources Article Quality Organization of papers Functions of paper sections Measurement and Sampling
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Unformatted text preview: Pitfalls of surveys and experiments Question ordering Measurement levels Open v. closed, categorical v. measurement, continuous v. discrete nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio Validity and reliability Differences between surveys, experiments, observational studies, case studies, and meta-analyses Sampling terminology and types of sampling Population, census, systematic sampling, stratified sampling Margin of error Types of variables Explanatory, confounding, independent, dependent Experimental designs Randomization, control groups, repeated measures, matched pairs Problems with experimental designs Placebo effect Generalization Observational studies Item Writing (steps, quality, etc.) Question Types (opened vs. closed, etc.) Wording problems in questions...
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  • Fall '07
  • Lillie
  • science Literature Review, stratified sampling Margin, observational study Theory, Generalization Observational studies, metaanalyses Sampling terminology

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Study_Guide_Exam1 - Pitfalls of surveys and experiments...

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