MGT466 Deresky chapter 6 study guide outline (2)

MGT466 Deresky chapter 6 study guide outline (2) - b....

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MGT 466 International Management Chapter 6 Topics, Vocabulary, and Models of International Management Vocabulary terms: Economies of Scale SWOT analysis Comparative advantage Distinctive competencies Global strategy Multi-domestic strategy (GLOCAL) Transnational strategy Export Licensing Franchising Contract manufacturing Offshoring Service sector outsourcing Turnkey operations Management contract IJV Fully owned subsidiary – Greenfield startup 1. Motives for going global a. Reactive i. Globalization of competitors and customers ii. Trade barriers iii. Regulatory and other cost savings
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Unformatted text preview: b. Proactive i. Economies of scale ii. Resource access iii. Growth opportunities iv. Country based incentives 2. International business models a. Offshoring b. Domestic based expansion c. Multinational 3. Levels of strategic planning a. Host country business unit level b. Regional or product business unit level c. MNC level 4. Types of International strategy a. Global b. Multi-domestic c. Transnational 5. Entry modes advantages and success factors a. Export b. Licensing c. Franchising d. Contract manufacturing/offshoring e. Service sector outsourcing f. Joint ventures g. Wholly owned subsidiaries...
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MGT466 Deresky chapter 6 study guide outline (2) - b....

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