MGT466 Deresky chapter 1 study guide outline (1)

MGT466 Deresky chapter 1 study guide outline (1) - g....

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MGT 466 International Management Chapter 1 Topics, Vocabulary, and Models of International Management Vocabulary terms: Globalization and Globalism Regional trading blocs o EU o ASEAN o NAFTA o SAARC o CAFTA LDCs Ethnicity Nationalization Expropriation Confiscation Repatriation Intellectual property Macro and Micro political risk events 1. Understanding Political Risks – seven typical political risk events a. Expropriation b. Forced sales of equity to host-country nationals c. Discriminatory application of regulations to weaken foreign firms d. Barriers to repatriation e. Loss of intellectual property f. Interference in decision making
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Unformatted text preview: g. Corruption in government officials 2. Assessing Political Risks Sources of political risk information a. Internal experts b. External consultants c. Local management d. Experienced senior executives e. Computer models 3. Managing political risks a. Taoko & Beemans risk management strategies b. Risk reduction using dependency c. Risk reduction using hedging 4. Understanding economic risks a. Quantitative approach b. Qualitative approach c. Checklist approach 5. Legal Environments a. Country-level legal systems i. Common law ii. Civil law iii. Sharia law...
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MGT466 Deresky chapter 1 study guide outline (1) - g....

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