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Enron response - strippers It’s amazing that someone in...

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Shweta Rana RU ID 126002060 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Response This movie was great! I actually didn’t know much about the Enron scandal prior to watching this video. It was clear enough to understand and interesting enough for me to watch the whole thing. One of the many amazing things I found was how the greed of a few men in the Enron scandal affected the entire country. Employees, stock holders, companies trading with this company, and other companies that Enron and its officials held were all affected. What I also found interesting was that the workers at the company knew that the CEO became obsessed with
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Unformatted text preview: strippers. It’s amazing that someone in such a high position could succumb to such an embarrass-ing flaw that most of the company knew about. When the CEO resigned and was replaced with a new one, I think people should have acted on their suspicion. On top of that, the employees barely saw their CEO at his office during the work day. It’s hard to believe that no one caught the scandal much sooner. Although the crooks were convicted, it is scary to think that they are now out in the world again. Being the smartest guys in the room, I’m sure that can come up with another scandal to hide from the nation....
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