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Shweta Rana November 3, 2010 Wall Street (1987) Extra Credit The movie “Wall Street” showed that greed is present in the business world and it is quite inevitable. Milton Friedman even suggests that greed is present in all economies: United States, Russia, and China. Greed seems to be something that may seem unethical but in a larger per- spective, it has helped the economy while it hurt many people. In the movie, Bud resorts to giv-
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Unformatted text preview: ing inside information about Bluestar Airlines to Gekko for him to do business with him. Insider trading is a form of greed however, as Bud did this, he did earn business. This proves that yes, it is unethical to use things such as insider trading to get ahead, but it is beneficial in some way. Furthermore, Bud saves the airline company by convincing others to make the stock value go down encouraging others to buy more stocks....
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