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Student Registration and Payment Instructions Course Name: Microeconomics (Section 4) -Mankiw 5e - Fall 2010 Start Date: 09/01/2010 Instructor: Jeffrey Rubin Course Key: JEZR-SMY2-XLEN You can begin working on your homework as soon as you register! • In this course, you will use a textbook and Aplia's website. • In most cases, you can save money if you buy Aplia and your textbook together. See payment options below. • You will have access to a digital version of your textbook using Aplia. Registration If you have never used Aplia before. .. 1. Connect to http://www.aplia.com. 2. Click the Create a New Account link and choose Student Account . You will then enter your course key: JEZR-SMY2-XLEN . Continue following the instructions to complete your registration. If you have used Aplia before. .. 1. Connect to http://www.aplia.com. 2. Sign in with your usual e-mail address and password and enter your Course Key when prompted: JEZR-SMY2-XLEN . If you are not prompted for a new Course Key, click the Enroll in a New
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Unformatted text preview: Course button at the top of your My Courses page to enroll in a new Aplia course. Enter your Course Key when you are prompted. * You will have different payment options after you register for your course. If you choose to pay later, you can use Aplia without paying until 11:59 PM on 09/21/2010. Payment Option 1: Digital Textbook with Aplia Access From Aplia: Purchase access to your course from Aplia's website for $80.00 USD. Option 2: Physical Textbook with Aplia Access (also includes digital textbook) From Aplia: Purchase access to your course for $80.00 USD and a physical book for $59.00 USD from Aplia's website. From Bookstore: Purchase an Aplia Access Card and a physical book together as a bundle from your campus bookstore. * If you purchased an Aplia Access Card from a bookstore, enter the Access Card's payment code on Aplia's website as payment for your Aplia course. * You will have access to your digital textbook up until the end of this course....
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