history lecture 14

history lecture 14 - - - - - - - Scaffoldarian party were...

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- Scaffoldarian party were opposed by the Republicans who opposed war because the SP would gain seats in the Dutch Republic. - The internal debate stopped immediately because the policy of neutrality was popular. All the Dutch government asked of Louis XV was that he would not be violent against them. - The impact of the diplomatic revolution was disastrous for Anglo-Russian relations. There were considerable political changes within Russia. Russian chancellor Bestuchev, had been an advocate of taking Prussia down. His influence in Russian policy declined. This was critical because he was the only one who opposed a connection with France. His position of the determinant for Russian policy was taken place by Vice Chancellor Voronsov, who was pro French and British relations. - An elite committee of advisors was established called the “Conference at the Imperial Court. - She asked for advice for how to weaken Prussia. They reported back within a few weeks, March 1756. Their main recommendation: An immediate Russian attack
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history lecture 14 - - - - - - - Scaffoldarian party were...

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