Chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13: Digital and Direct Response...

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-List the pros and cons of digital media for advertisers Pros 1. Digital media offers advertisers a relatively inexpensive, quick, targeted, measurable, and easily available interactive medium, especially among niche markets such as the business-to-business market. 2. Digital provides advertisers with a combination of interactive audio and video capabilities that can engage the consumer. 3. Digital is among the most flexible media with an ability to change messages immediately in reaction to market and competitive conditions. Cons 1. To this point, some types of digital advertising are just beginning to perform for marketers. Early failures made some advertisers cautious about exploring the unique possibilities offered by this medium. 2. Despite the growing popularity of the internet as a means of informal communication, some consumers are still reluctant to use the service for purchasing products and services. In particular, consumers are reluctant to give their credit card numbers over the internet even though secure sites are available 3. The sheer number of commercial and noncommercial web sites makes it difficult for consumers to know what is available or, once known, to have much time to spend with any single site. -Describe the development of direct response advertising -Customer relationship marketing- A management concept that organizes a business according to the needs of the consumer. Is a core principle of both direct response and digital marketing. The concept of CRM should be viewed from the customer and marketer prospective. -
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Chapter 13 notes - Chapter 13: Digital and Direct Response...

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