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Chapter 23 International Advertising

Chapter 23 International Advertising - Chapter 23...

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Chapter 23 International Advertising -List the four obstacles facing U.S. marketers seeking global sales Among the major challenges is overcoming significant anti-American opinions abroad. Many are related to the marketing of American products. Exploitation. The sense that American companies take more than they give. Corrupting influence. The view that American brands enhance thinking and behavior that clash with local customs and debase cultural or religious norms. Gross insensitivity and arrogance. In many cultures there is a perception that Americans believe that everyone wants to be like them Hyper-consumerism. A challenge for multinational marketers and agencies is to find those shared feelings and attitudes that are consistent from country to country to give brand messages continuity. -Explain the concept of glocalization Glocalization- a hybrid term meaning to adapt global marketing efforts (products and advertising messages) to local markets and cultures.
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