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Chp. 1 Notes - Forces in the Rise of Modern Advertising...

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Forces in the Rise of Modern Advertising Motivational research to define consumer behavior Media analysis to reach targeted consumers Creative strategy to enhance selling messages o Centralized exchange: a system of trade and marketing through specialized intermediaries rather than the direct exchange of goods between buyers and producers o Economy in which supply surpasses demand Fulfillment of democratic ideals- interest created need for newspapers and magazines Advertising prospered as the industrial revolution swept across the united states- technology created high speed presses that allowed mass production Introduction of railroad- created means of national distribution National brands changed advertising Advertising’s Modern Era: Research and Responsibility Two elements that were missing in most advertising during the early 20 th century o An ethical framework for creating promotional messages o Valid and reliable research to measure advertising effects Consumers needed protection Medicines were not advertised well and created drug addicts Early research was not sophisticated Beginnings Advertising’s most important period began when the U.S. emerged as a great manufacturing nation about 100 years ago Earliest known evidence of advertising is a Babylonian clay tablet dating to 3000 b.c. Hoarding- first printed outdoor signs, the forerunner of modern advertising
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The four periods in advertising history: o Premarketing era: period from prehistoric times to 18 th century. Buyers and sellers communicated in primitive ways o Mass communication era: 1700s to 1900s, advertisers were able to reach
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Chp. 1 Notes - Forces in the Rise of Modern Advertising...

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