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Personal sales extra credit

Personal sales extra credit - which the product or service...

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Kalan Bell Mark 3001 Cp110 1. Generating leads- identification of those firms and people most likely to buy the sellers offerings 2. Qualifying leads- When a prospect shows interest in learning more about a product, the salesperson has the opportunity to follow up or qualify the lead 3. Approaching the customer and probing needs- Must first go through process called preapproach. Then you must do need assessment which is finding the determination of the customers specific needs and wants and the range of options a customer has for satisfying them. 4. Developing and proposing solutions- Determine whether or not the company’s products or services match the needs of the consumer. Then develop a solution in
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Unformatted text preview: which the product or service solves the clients problem. 5. Handling objections- The consumer may have questions or think the price is too high but you can’t take it personally. You should anticipate specific objections. 6. Closing the sale- Find out how the customer would like to proceed. See if they are ready to purchase and if all questions have been answered 7. Following up- Final step in selling process which salesperson ensures that delivery schedules are met, the goods or services perform as promised and that buyers’ employees are properly trained to use products...
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