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Study Questions Week 6 - or no cell wall 4)What are viruses...

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Study Questions Week 6 1) What is the difference between a Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells? -Eukaryotic cells whose DNA is enclosed in the nucleus and are larger. Prokaryotic cells do not have their DNA  in the nucleus and are always single-celled. 2) What is the purpose of a Eukaryotic cell having a cytoskeleton? -It is to support and keep up the shape of the cell. 3)What is the difference between gram positive and gram negative cells? -gram positive cells have a cell wall because they have more peptidoglycan, and gram negative cells have little 
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Unformatted text preview: or no cell wall. 4)What are viruses composed of?-An outer shell which is for recognition and infection of host cell, and a protected interior containing DNA or RNA. 5)What is the site of protein synthesis in the cell?- A Ribosome 6) How do proteins move in a cell?- transport vesicles which are part of the endomembrane system....
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