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ANTH 1102 Exam 2: Review Sheet March 2010 The material on Exam 2 covers concepts in Chpts. 6-11, as well as the shorter assigned readings. Ethnohistory vs. History Purpose of studying ethnohistory Ethnohistoric methods: Archives Oral history Linguistics Excavation Archaeological methods: Landscape survey Excavation Types of archaeological data Subsistence strategy Foraging Pastoralism – transhumance, nomadic Horticulture Agriculture Industrialism Power, Authority, Sociopolitical System Band/Tribe/Chiefdom/State/Empire Ascribed/Achieved status Village head/Big man Egalitarian Chpt 7 Agricultural Revolution Domestication Domestication hypotheses: Broad Spectrum Foraging Marginal Zone Hypothesis Increased Familiarity Competitive Feasting Be familiar with where key plants & animals were domesticated Neolithic shift Middle Eastern Transition Niche construction Sedentism Agricultural Revolution advantages/disadvantages Consequences of early agriculture:
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