REL 394 Prophets in Last Days

REL 394 Prophets in Last Days - Interpreting Prophecy in...

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1 Interpreting Prophecy in These Last Days 1QpHab 7.1-8 Introduction VIDEO: Ben-Hur (“How do you fight an idea?”) 16:40 Translation of 1QpHab 6.15-8.3 One 6.15 [ "Write the vision. Inscr ] ibe it on tablets so that may run 16 [ the one who reads it ...] . .. [. ..] (Hab 2:2a), 17 [...] 7.1 And God told (lit. "said unto " ) Habakkuk to write what was going to happen unto 7.2 {unto} the last generation ( ÷wrjah rwdh ), but he did not let him know ( [dy ) the end of the age ( Åqh rmg ). Two 3 (blank) And as for what he says: " So that the one who reads it may run " (Hab 2:2b), 4 its interpretation concerns the Teacher of Righteousness ( qdxh hrwm ), to whom God has made known ( [dy ) 5 all the mysteries ( yzr lwk ) of the words of his servants, the prophets ( µyabnh ) . Three "For still ( dw[ ) the vision has an appointed 6 time ( d[wm ) , it will bear witness ( jwp ) to the end ( Åq ) , and shall not lie ( bzk ) " (Hab 2:3a). (blank) 7 Its interpretation: the final end ( ÷wrjah Åqh ) will be extended ( ûwray ) and exceed ( rty ) all that 8 the prophets say, because the mysteries of God ( la yzr ) are wonderful ( hlphl ) . Four 9 " Though it may delay, wait for it; it definitely has to come and will not 10 be left behind ( rjay ) " (Hab 2:3b). (blank) Its interpretation concerns the men of truth, 11 those who observe the Law, whose hands will not desert the service 12 of truth when the final end ( ÷wrja Åqh ) is extended ( ûvmhb ) beyond them, because 13 all the ends of God ( la yxyq lwk ) will come at the right time ( µnwktl ) he establishes
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2 14 for them in the mysteries of his prudence ( wtmr[ yzrb ) . Five "See, 15 [ his soul within him ] is conceited ( hlpw[ ) and does not stand upright ( hrvwy ) " (Hab 2:4). (blank) Its interpretation: they will double ( wlpky ) 16 [persecution] upon them [and find no mercy] at being judged. (blank) Six [ But the righteous man ( qydx ) will live by his faith ( wtnwmab ) ] (Hab 2:4) 8.1 Its interpretation concerns all observing the Law in the House of Judah, whom 2 God will free from the House of Judgment on account of their labor and their faith ( µtnma ) 3 in the Teacher of Righteousness ( qdxh hrwm ). Textual Notes One Key catch-word is the verb "to write" ( btk ). When God tells Habakkuk to "write" on "tablets" ( twjwl ), the message written on these tablets is not intended for Habakkuk's generation (the neo-Babylonian period; see below), but for "the last generation" ( ÷wrjah rwdh ). Habakkuk himself is left in the dark about the ultimate intentions of the divine message; i.e., he does not "understand" ( w[dwh awl ) its true meaning. Two The Teacher of Righteousness ( qdxh hrwm ) is the leader of the Qumran Yah ad : "God . .. raised up for them a Teacher of Righteousness, in order to direct them in the path of his heart" (CD 1.11). "And from the day of the 'gathering in' (i.e., 'death') of the unique Teacher/Teacher
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REL 394 Prophets in Last Days - Interpreting Prophecy in...

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