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artpaper2 - Courtney V Lyons Art Exhibition Assignment...

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Courtney V. Lyons Art Exhibition Assignment April 29, 2009 Betrayal, Hatred/ Anger, Brutality Welcome to the most extravagant exhibition one will ever get to set their eyes upon. I, Courtney Lyons, will be your host for today, and you are currently located in Wuerzburg, Germany. I’ve chosen this place for a plethora of reasons, but the main one, being that this military base is where I was stationed as a child and this period of time was arguably the best years of my life. The theme: Betrayal, hatred/anger, brutality, the toughest aspects of life to experience and see. The eight pieces selectively chosen for this exhibition are to a degree, gruesome, and filled with gore, but all demonstrate the fierceness and tenacity of life in general. We start in my humble luxury house assigned to my father by the military. In the dining room, we have The Taking of Christ which illustrates Jesus Christ being captured in the Garden of Gethsemane by soldiers who were led to him by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot. Tempted by the promise of financial reward, Judas agreed to identify his master by kissing him: "The one I shall kiss is the man; seize him and lead him away safely" (Mark 14:44). Caravaggio focuses on the culminating moment of Judas’ betrayal, as he grasps Christ and delivers his treacherous kiss. First and foremost, this piece represents betrayal, betrayal by one of the twelve men Jesus loved the most. This was and still is something that is very difficult to live with, or to die knowing. This piece was created in 1602, is in the medium of oil on canvas and is of the Baroque period.
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In the courtyard, in the center of the courtyard we have another piece by Caravaggio, Judith and Holofernes. In the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Old Testament of the Bible, there
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