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1. What's My Real Age http://specials.newsweek.com/surveys/health-self-assessment-quiz/intro/Newsweek Health Assessment The assessment was easy, just tedious in my opinion. I don't feel it was all that helpful b/c it pointed out what I already knew. And I suppose I could stand to eat better. I was scored as being 28.5. The site found me to be older b/c I don't know my blood pressure, apparently it thinks I don't control my asthma; don't buckle up enough, I don't have a dog and I'm facing alot of stress; don't eat my veggies or whole grains; I also apparently work out too intensley and don't have a good resting heart rate. 2. The video Unnatural Causes observes that the ability to avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet depends on access to “income, education, and the social determinants of
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Unformatted text preview: health.” Do conditions in your community promote or hinder healthy choices? What are some examples of these conditions? Yes, I do think that conditions in one’s community can promote or hinder healthy choices. If you are in what some refer to as the “ghetto,” one is typically around people that drink and do drugs of some sort. In the middle class this is also prevalent, but not to the extinct as that of people of low income in low income areas. And in upper class society it’s even less visible. As far as what is eaten and what exercise is done, the higher the income class, the more educated one is about what needs to be done to live a fruitful, healthy, long life....
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