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Courtney V - Courtney V Lyons ECHD 3010 Toys R Us Toy...

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Courtney V. Lyons 10-27-2010 ECHD 3010 Toys R Us Toy, defined, toy is an object intended to be played with by children. It can also be described as a past time or present means of amusement for a child. Now, at Toys R Us, toys for girls are defined as Barbie dolls with small waists and big, or adequate sized breasts and a nice, for lack of a better term, “ass.” Baby dolls that come with bibs, bottles and fake baby food, as well as cradles and walkers are also considered toys for children, primarily girls. Toys also where the intended audience is little girls are animals that are cuddly, fuzzy, soft, and cute. Not to mention the availability of tea sets, easy bake ovens, among other things one would typically deem women or little girls should have or do. Each item required a little girl, a child of the female gender, to learn to be a homebody, to care and be attentive to children and small animals, and to own a degree of submissiveness to that of the opposite sex. By accepting these toys, by buying these toys, by allowing these toys in one’s home, we as parents, and little girls are accepting a lesser role for women in society. In my opinion, these particular toys are geared to keep women confined to the stereotypical girl or woman of the past. And just for clarity, these are toys at Toys R Us, I repeat, TOYS R US, one of the biggest retail toy stores in the nation if not the biggest. Now, on the other hand, toys for boys are defined as action figures with chiseled bodies, abs of steel (6-8 pack to be exact), a firm, large buttocks, big biceps and triceps, a
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heavy chest, and some form of weapon strapped to or accessorized with the action figure. Also intended for boys are baseball gloves, every kind of ball intended for a sport, and
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Courtney V - Courtney V Lyons ECHD 3010 Toys R Us Toy...

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