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694:407/115:511 -- Molecular Biology & Biochemistry November 12, 2010 STUDY GUIDE FOR THE THIRD EXAM The following will permit you to focus on information that you will need to know for the exam and provide you with an in-depth knowledge of many of the most salient points presented in the lectures. For the exam, you will only be responsible for what was presented in the first four lectures -- the assigned reading in the text serves as a background to better understand the points raised in lecture. The question on this year's exam will be of a similar type to those on the previous exams that are posted on the MBB Website: ( Membrane transport 1. Know the mechanisms of the facilitated diffusion systems; 2. Be able to make mechanistic comparisons of the active transport systems, be able to distinguish primary and secondary active transport, know the directionality of relevant ion movements and how they are energetically driven. Photosynthesis
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