lecture 2-6 - Bismarck and the States System 1880-90...

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Bismarck and the States System- 1880-90 Bismarck wanted to make a good treaty with Russia. There was a national community of interest between Prussia and Russia. Both countries had conservative political elites. Bismarck argued the natural congruence of interest in the political system was between Russia, Prussia and Germany. By the late 1870’s, he had come to realize that Prussia in Germany would have to follow on a different course. If push came to shove, it would have to value Austria’s alliance over the preferred Prussian friendship. His determination that Austria had to be valued had shown the way that Prussia had taken over Europe. Any attempt to expand Germany and destroy Austria meant a standing provocation to Russia. That was why Austria had to be maintained and kept safe. Under the terms of the agreement, the three powers had chosen to cooperate to give Eastern Rumelia. We know that Bismarck can’t afford let Austria die. 20 Jan 1887, Bismarck said: “the existence of Austria-Hungary to the Reichstag, is for us, a necessity of the first order. If necessary Germany would fight to defend the survival of Austria- Hungary as a great power. One of the most senior officials in Germany, the architect of the new way in Germany, Frederick von Holstein, did not understand some of Bismarck’s
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lecture 2-6 - Bismarck and the States System 1880-90...

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