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Density and Temperature

Density and Temperature - t(°C = T(K – 273.15 t(°F...

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CHEM 1201 SI Worksheet Density = mass per unit volume. d = 1. What is the mass of a 25.00 mL sample of Diet Coke at 25°C? The density of Diet Coke at 25°C is 0.87333 g/cm 3 . 2. A cube of ice has a mass of 1.57 g. If each side of the cube has dimensions of 1.25 cm, what is the density of ice? 3. The mass of acetic acid needed to fill a tube is found to be 18.25 g. The density of acetic acid is 1.189 g/cm 3 . What is the volume of the tube? Temperature : equations to know T(K) = t(°C) + 273.15
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Unformatted text preview: t(°C) = T(K) – 273.15 t(°F) = [t(°C) × 1.8] + 32 t(°C) = [t(°F) – 32]/1.8 1. Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny are working on a lab project for Mr. Mackey in Southpark, Colorado, where water boils at 89°C. What is this temperature in Kelvin? 2. The temperature of Austin Power’s hot tub is 41.6°C, what is this temperature in °F? 3. Which one of these temperatures is the highest? A) +12°C B) -2°F C) 198 K D) 210 K E) 28°F...
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