Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis - (1mi = 5280 ft 1ft = 12in 1in = 2.54...

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CHEM 1201 SI Worksheet Dimensional Analysis: …the best way to learn this is by examples… lots of examples… Intro Notes: 1. If 1 centimeter corresponds to 1 × 10 -2 meters, then how many meters comprise 350 centimeters? 2. How many millimeters are there in 2.21 meters? 3. The distance between two Hydrogen atoms in a particular molecule is 767 pm. What is this distance in meters? 4. Your incredibly strong SI Leader can bench-press 3370000 ounces, how many pounds can this beast lift? Note: 1oz = 0.0625 lb 5. How many nanometers are there in 4.7 kilometers? 6. 4.32 × 10 8 pm are in x kilometers?
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CHEM 1201 SI Worksheet 7. Convert 9.22 km to nm. 8. Your really, really ridiculously fast SI Leader jogs 14 m/s … on a bad day. How many mi/hr is this?
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Unformatted text preview: (1mi = 5280 ft; 1ft = 12in; 1in = 2.54 cm) 9. Jose’ Cuervo and Jack Daniels had a drinking contest at 299K. Jose’ drank 7200mL and Jack drank 9L. Who drank the most (aka who won?)? Type of drink is unknown and unrelated to this answer. Lagniappe: Precision vs. Accuracy: Example: 1. Kristen, Kerstin, Kirstin, and Patti are finishing an experiment. The measurement they are targeting to obtain is 8mL . They use three different flasks in which they obtain 5.54mL, 5.57mL and 5.55mL, respectively. Which of the following statements best describes them? a. They are accurate but not precise. b. They are precise but not accurate. c. They are precise and accurate. d. None of the above is correct. e. They should change majors....
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Dimensional Analysis - (1mi = 5280 ft 1ft = 12in 1in = 2.54...

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