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Quiz 3 – 10 min You can use a simple calculator, but no written material of any kind (computer, book, notes, cell phones, text entered/stored in your calculator, etc.) Be sure to write your name!! Show your work!! 1. What aspect of electromagentic radiation does the photoelectric effect demonstrate? a) the wave-like nature b) the particle-like nature c) the uncertainty principle 2. Consider the Bohr model of an atom. If the principal quantum number
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Unformatted text preview: changes from 3 to 2, does this suggest that a photon has been absorbed by the atom or that the atom will emit (release) a photon? 3. Indicate which has higher energy: a) a photon with a wavelength of 250 nm or a wavelength of 400 nm b) a photon with a frequency of 2×10 6 Hz or a frequency of 1×10 9 Hz...
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