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Sample Exam 4 - Form 2 C HEMISTRY 1201 (Section 1) E XAM 4...

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CHEMISTRY 1201 (Section 1) EXAM 4 Form 2 Time allowed = IHr INSTRUCTIONS Use af Calculators is allowed during the exam. Bubble your answers on the scantron sheet using a pencil. Bubble 2 under Grade or Education on the scantron sheet Gas constant; R = 0.08206 L-atm /mol-K 1. The phase diagram of a substance is given above. The region that corresponds to the solid phase is __. Ahv Qy D)z E) x and y P (atm) -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 T (*C) 2. The normal boiling point of the substance with the phase diagram shown above is A) 10 B)20 C)30 K) 50
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3 Which one of the following substances will have hydrogen bonding as one of its intermolecular forces? A) C) 0 H— C— H H 0 ! // nf-c—c H H H II 0 B) H 3 C--C—CF 3 H H H-h C—H E) F 4. solids consist of atoms or molecules held together by dipole-dipole forces London disperson forces, and/or hydrogen bonds. A) Ionic f$))Molecular Metallic D) Co w alent-network E) Metallic and covalent-network ^ 5. An ionic solid, NaCl(s), dissolves in water because of the A) relatively low lattice energy due to small charges of Na + and Cl~ ions B) simple face-centered cubic unit cell type it forms C) 1:1 ratio of ions in the unit cell D) strong coulombic interactions between oppositely charged ions E) relaiively low melting point s=z>. 6. Metallic solids do not exhibit ML) excellent
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Sample Exam 4 - Form 2 C HEMISTRY 1201 (Section 1) E XAM 4...

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