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Trends of the Periodic Table

Trends of the Periodic Table - 1 Which of the following...

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CHEM 1201 SI Worksheet The Periodic Table Horizontal rows are called _____________________. Columns are called _____________________. Elements with similar chemical and physical properties lie in the same _____________________. Rb is (less / more) metallic than K. Fe is (less / more) metallic than Rb. Na is (less / more) metallic than Ca. Cl is (less / more) nonmetallic than P. F is (less / more) nonmetallic than Si. The six metalloids are: The seven diatomic elements are:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Which of the following elements is a diatomic gas at room temperature? a) Phosphorus b) Iron c) Helium d) Nitrogen e) Sulfur 2. Which of the following substances is NOT an element? a) Br b) Ba c) BN d) B e) Be 3. Which of the following elements occur in the form of diatomic molecules at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure? a) P b) S c) O d) He e) B 4. T/F? Lithium is expected to have similar chemical properties to beryllium....
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