lecture 2-11 - The Origins of the First World War: Part One...

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The Origins of the First World War: Part One July 1891- The French naval squadrons sailed into the naval based in St Petersburg, called the Kronstadt Affair. It electrified much of the continent. Charles Freycinet and Ribot sat down and drafted an alliance with the Russians. The terms were the following: A proposal that if the two terms had problems, that the two sides would collaborate on the issue. The second proposal was that, simply in principle, if they were confronted with a mobilization with even a single member of the triple alliance, they would immediately mobilize both of their armies. They would not be caught off guard. They promised each other prompt mass mobilization. The Russians accepted the proposal with decent haste. The Russian Empire and the Third French Republic were now allies and their alliance was governed by those two proposals. The Russians foreign minister, Giers, was very happy with this agreement. He regarded it as producing what he called, “a beneficial balance of forces.” There were members of the Russian government that wanted to go further. They thought that this agreement was not sufficient to tame potential aggression from Germany or Russia. They wanted to complement this agreement with an agreement of a military alliance. Giers was opposed to this. The Czar himself determined it was necessary. Czar Alexander III in a political memo: “We really do have to come to an agreement with the French. We must correct the mistakes of the past, and destroy Germany at the first possible opportunity.” Jan 1894, the last exchange of documents took place between France and Russia. This brought their alliance of 1891 in effect. There were 3 important articles. The
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lecture 2-11 - The Origins of the First World War: Part One...

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