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Answers to PF Exam number :  05000603 1. C. Subject-specific atlas 2. D. C201 .G37 1910 CA203 .P39 … 3. B. Lemonick, Michael D… 4. C. It’s in the natural science and math section of the library. 5. A. A report with charts documenting hourly 6. A. (teenaged girls) AND (alcohol abuse) 7. C. provides documented information. 8. B. To broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms 9. C. Virtual Reference Room 1O. A. locate articles in magazines
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Unformatted text preview: 11. C. General Resources 12. D. Statistics about Web usage you found 13. D. Making a copy of a three-page journal article 14. C. Visit the internet public library 15. B. www.nyu.edu 16. A. at the bibliography at the end of the article 17. C. Raw data, diaries, letters, manuscripts 18. A. Is this information being used to advocate … 19. B. AND 20. D. Superintendent of Documents...
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