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05062700 - 15B Agrigultural is more prone to flourish where...

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Answers to PF Exam number :  05062700 1A Coevolution 2A They react to change quickly 3B Decomposer 4D Limiting Factor 5C Bird songs are learned behavior 6C Use of chlorofluorocarbons 7D Through the development of agricultural processes. 8A Two species eat fruit from the same same tree. 9B Biotic potential 10A They're found in all biomes 11C Threat Display 12D Carnivores 13C Quickly, Slowly 14D A third neutral species being introduced into the environment
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Unformatted text preview: 15B Agrigultural is more prone to flourish where there is loam topsoils 16B They simply preferred the taste of the slugs to other food 17A Coal 18B First level consumers 19C Type III 20D Interspecific Competition 21A Deserts 22B The greenhouse effect 23A Solar Hydrogen Energy 24A Littoral 25D Social groups occupy the only suitable habitats...
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