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Answers to PF Exam number :  40600900 1. D. Tenth Amendment to the Constitution 2. A. no free man could be imprisoned without judgment by his peers. 3. C. A request for an equitable lien on property 4. C. Almost nothing, if in his plea bargain he signed away his right to appeal  5. C. the existence of the judicial branch of government.  6. D. The Declaration of Independence 7. A. Court of Veterans Appeals, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Supreme  Court  8. A. award only monetary damages.  9. D. appeal the decision to the federal appellate courts. 
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Unformatted text preview: 10. C. the state constitution. 11. C. historical acceptance of conduct approved by courts and not addressed in statutes. 12. A. its state constitution, statutes, or the judicial branch itself. 13. D. Interpreting legislation 14. B. Engage in discovery 15. A. canceled 16. C. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Services 17. C. writ of certiorari 18. A. A dispute between two Texas residents over ownership of a ranch 19. C. knows the law. 20. D. environmental issues, such as clean water....
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