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BADM Project - The article “KFC offers $20,000 college...

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Josh Thompson 11/17/10 BADM- Dr. Ellis Twitter helps you find more friends with 'People' tab This article interests me because I have a Twitter account and I enjoy using it. I learned that Twitter is adding a tab called “People tab” that helps twitter users find more friends and people that they can follow. It also lets you look for Twitter users through other services such as Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Hotmail, Messenger, and through your followers (Friends). KFC offers $20,000 college scholarship for best tweet
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Unformatted text preview: The article “KFC offers $20,000 college scholarship for best tweet” interested me because I have an account and I’m a college student. I learned that KFC is having a scholarship contest using Twitter to reach out to the younger students. They have to use 140 characters or less to explain why they deserve the $20,000 scholarship from them. The student who wins will receive up to $5,000 a year for four years to go toward a bachelor's degree at a four year university....
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