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history tutorial 12-5 - him due to his numerous wars and...

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- Britain provided monetary support to their allies. - The British lent troops to their allies as well. - Industrial Revolution going on in Britain at the same time. - Napoleon Bonaparte was a terrible diplomat. - Russia was more a rallying point as an ally for France. - Did France like Napoleon? In cities, yes. In the countryside, not as much. He was definitely popular at one point, but at the end of the 100 days people grew tired of
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Unformatted text preview: him due to his numerous wars and the sheer amount of troops lost in said wars. BROAD THEMES OF WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED IN THE PAST SEMESTER-Lots of fighting -Shift of power to the east (Austria, Prussia)-Hapsburg no longer on the international scene-The birth of European formed nations (USA, Canada)-Was the balance of power that was formed successful? Not so much due to the amount of death?...
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