Alexa Graves - he was right about saving his life because...

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Alexa Graves Alexie writing prompt ENC 1102.0038 January 21, 2011 Valencia Alexie writing prompts When Sherman Alexie was a child he adored his father and wanted to be just like him. His father would bring home books from basically where ever he could find them and Alexie attempted to read them eventually teaching himself to read and understand the concepts of formatting and paragraphs. Being that he is a young Indian boy living on an Indian-reservation it was expected for him to “fail” or not be successful. So when he began to excel in reading and writing Indians, fellow students, and non-indians all began to look down on him for knowing how to read. So when Alexie says he is reading out of desperation to save his life he really means it. He wanted to be able to excel in like outside of the reservation. I think that reading with desperation means that you are reading for something that you really want. Just as begging with desperation, you’re begging for something that you really want. I think in Sherman Alexie’s case
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Unformatted text preview: he was right about saving his life because the reservation just accepted illiteracy. I believe that Alexie is extremely correct in stating that expectations can impact a children’s literacy learning. In psychology classical conditioning is a great example to represent this phenomena. When a child is expected to be “stupid” the have nothing to strive for, no one to make proud. In classical condition, when the kid does well and gets no praise they realize its not worth the trouble and therefore give up all ambitions and the expectations of the child become Graves 1 the truths. On the other hand, if a child is given praise and acknowledgement upon an achievement that child will continue to work to recreate the positive attention towards him or herself. As a child myself, I would always work hard in school because my daddy would always show me that he was so proud of me and nothing in the world would make me happier....
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Alexa Graves - he was right about saving his life because...

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