bullock questions - Bullock to continue to develop his...

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Alexa Graves Bullock Questions ENC 1102.0038 January 26, 2011 Valencia 295 Bullock Questions A positive sponsor displayed in Bullock’s literacy narrative is his grandmother. She babysat him as a child and taught him to read and to love to read. She influenced Bullock to love to read anything that he could get his hands on. Where as, I would consider his parent negative sponsors because they would take the murder trial details out of the morning paper before he could get to it. Although they did let him read, I feel like they were censoring his reading, which in end made him want to know more about the case. After seeing how fast Bullock learned and loved to read, the grandmother could have graduated him from The Little Engine Who Could to more advanced readings. For example, the grandmother could have started to read short stories and mini novel with
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Unformatted text preview: Bullock to continue to develop his reading skills. Bullock describes that he began reading at a young age and then later states the astonishing truth that he was actually three years old when he learned to read. My experience with reading is extremely similar to Bullocks. I began reading when I was about four, so we both started reading fairly young. When I first learned to read I loved it. I loved all of the new stories and being able to know what people want to say through words on a paper. But yet, I grew out of it, as it seems he has not due the fact that he has students and he cared enough to write this narrative. This is where we differ. I can not stand to write now, and I only enjoy pieces of reading if I am the one to choose what I read. I hate all reading that is chosen for me....
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bullock questions - Bullock to continue to develop his...

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