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Qualitative Research - Qualitative Research- Content...

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Qualitative Research- Content Analysis of Web Sites What is Content Analysis: It is a scientific research method based on scanning, categorizing, summarizing of the data and analyzing the outputs within the frame of research objective (Başfırıncı, 2008) Purpose: Determine what people talk most, what themes are behind the text, or photos, relations between different themes. Web Sites ? “ Web sites can be used for all of the roles of corporate advertising. To address multiple objectives and the differing needs of different audiences, corporate advertisers can include a variety of content in their sites. ...... ....... many corporate Web sites contain information about their products and services as well as messages that focus on both corporate image and issues. Many features of these corporate Web sites reflect the objectives of corporate advertising detailed above. For example, some Web sites contain menu items for investor information that lead to information targeted to stockholders and other investors. A
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Qualitative Research - Qualitative Research- Content...

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