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websites in 2003

websites in 2003 - Consumer Goods Coca-Cola Company(United...

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Consumer Goods Coca-Cola Company (United States) Addresses to both emotional and functional side of public relations. There are main contents like sports, music, community and fun. Sports Motto: If you play it, sweat it, drive it, or just wish you did, this is the place to get your fill. Company targeted consumers from different preferences of sports. They use Nascar car racings, Copa America (sponsorships) soccer organization and interactive driver match game. Music Motto: Download, listen and enjoy. Keep up with the changing music scene. CokeMusic It was an online chat game used for marketing the Coca-Cola brand and products. The main focus of the game was to socialize, mix music, and decorate various interiors. Coke FM It was the feature of streaming radio, music demo creation, and music downloads. Community Motto: Grow. Energize. Realize. Your ideas, your time, your energy all make a difference. Help Coca-Cola support community programs that empower young people to realize their dreams. NEW Advertising Policy For Children With this new policy Coca Cola targets the emotions of parents, and people having concerns related to public health, especially for youths. The Coca-Cola Company will adhere to the following guidelines: 1. No direct targeting of children under 12 in any media for any brand messaging.
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2. Do not show children under 12 in advertising or promotional materials consuming the company's beverages outside of the presence of an adult. 3. Company-sponsored sampling events will be directed to people over the age of 12. Fun Motto: Refreshingly cool surprises and quizzes There are e-cards, screensavers and games as available to download. These things were rising trends of that era on the internet. TV Commercials
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websites in 2003 - Consumer Goods Coca-Cola Company(United...

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