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Lab 121 Writeup - Robert Crescenzi 12/4/10 Lab #121...

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Robert Crescenzi 12/4/10 Lab #121 1.Title: Lab B: Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) 2.Objective: -To determine the spring constant “k” by stretching the spring and applying Hooke’s Law. -To verify that the period of vibration of a body on a spring is independent of the amplitude. T=2pi(m/k)^(1/2) -To measure the period “T” of a simple pendulum as a function of the length “L” of the pendulum T=2pi(L/g)^(1/2) 3.Background: (See Hand-Written back page attached) 4.Procedure: (PART 1) Set up everything accordingly to make a hanging mass-spring set-up. Hang the 50g weight hanger to the spring. Add 100g weight to the hanger and record position y1 of the bottom of the spring. Keep on adding weight with increments of 50g and recording their individual positions. Make a weight vs. position graph and find the slope. (PART 2) With a mass of 300g on the hanger, stretch the spring about 1 cm down and release. record the time it takes for the spring to make 20 oscillations. Repeat this part again except with stretching the spring 3 cm instead of 1 cm.
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Lab 121 Writeup - Robert Crescenzi 12/4/10 Lab #121...

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