hum101025.outline - himself 6 Kira repeats#3-5 several...

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Robert Crescenzi 10/18/10 Hum101.025 Short Story Outline Title: When Time Heals Itself Setting: Tokyo, Japan 2007 (spring season) Characters: Kira Yagami – Main character, can manipulate time Suko Yetoshima – Kira’s best friend Hugo Kensei – Attempts suicide Plot: 1. Kira creates a telephone hotline in order to use his powers to save lives and to become a hero in Japan. 2. Kira succeeds twice and saves two lives as a result. 3. Kira receives a phone call from Hugo, who is about to jump from a building to commit suicide, and is asked to save him. 4. Kira travels back in time changes the past so that Hugo had never gotten into the position where he wanted to die. Kira feels that he saved the day once again. 5. Kira returns to the present to find out that Hugo is still on the rooftop trying to kill
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Unformatted text preview: himself. 6. Kira repeats #3-5 several times, but each time he goes back in the past, he changes the circumstances differently. However, no matter how he changes things, his efforts result in the same way by Hugo jumping off the roof. 7. Kira epiphanizes that some things just cannot be changed no matter how the events took place. He admits defeat and could not stop Hugo from jumping off the roof. Hugo dies, and Kira vows to never use his powers again. (I want to make a reference towards Daedulus and Icarus. I feel that some aspects from that story can relate towards this story) (#1, 3, 5, 6, 7 are the 5 Main Bullet points that show the climaxes.)...
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hum101025.outline - himself 6 Kira repeats#3-5 several...

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