hum101025.PromptC - Robert Crescenzi HUM.101.025 12/7/2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Robert Crescenzi HUM.101.025 12/7/2010 End of Semester Prompt C At least one major United States university officially recommends that high school students take a year off -- a so-called gap year -- before starting college. The gap year idea is gaining popularity. Supporters say it helps students mature and focus on their goals. Detractors say taking a year off from school will get students off track and that many will never go to college if they don't go right away. A gap year between high school and college is both a great idea and very much needed for students in modern society. Many students enter college undecided in what they want to major in. This gap year can be a useful time period for the students to find a career suitable for them. if these undecided students enter college unprepared in their major, they may not be motivated enough to continue in college and drop out, which is a very common case. Students that do not know what they are majoring in will only see college as "High School 2: The Sequel," and will not focus as much as if they were to have a...
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hum101025.PromptC - Robert Crescenzi HUM.101.025 12/7/2010...

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