hum101025.PromptD - before it became a problem Computer...

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Robert Crescenzi HUM.101.025 12/7/10 End of Semester Prompt D Some say that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few. I agree with this theory. I feel that some people have the mind for computing science and those who are not gifted in this subject are held at a disadvantage. For example, a computing science major decides to make a virus that is held within the coding for an image and emails it to a person who is not talented in computer arts. The virus he sent was one which files every password and username to anything online used by the infected computer. This unsuspecting person opens an email to see a picture of a kitten and finds it adorable, so he saves it to his computer, and then decides to check the balance of his checking account. The virus files the victim's information and the computing "nerd" recovers it and uses the account to buy an xbox 360. If everyone was gifted in using computers, viruses would hardly be a threat because every user would track it down and exterminate it
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Unformatted text preview: before it became a problem. Computer technology is unfair because many schools use computer-based tests and homework assignments. Some students cannot type very fast and that can affect the overall time it takes for them to complete it, resulting in students rushing and perhaps making a few frivolous mistakes. A student can have complete knowledge of the topic, but get a failing grade on a computer-based exam if he or she is not a frequent computer user. Even right now as i type these very words, I find myself misspelling words that I would never have misspelled if I were to be handwriting them on a sheet of paper. In fact, I can promise the reader that I have forgotten to capitalize at least one "I" throughout this passage while referring to myself or forgotten to capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence. This is merely an example of un-natural selection, where technology advances and those who do not adapt will wither away along with the pencil and paper....
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hum101025.PromptD - before it became a problem Computer...

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