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hum101025.short storyRD - Robert Crescenzi HUM 101.025...

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Robert Crescenzi HUM 101.025 Short Story Rough Draft When Time Heals Itself Kira Yagami, once an average citizen of Japan, discovered that he had gained the power to manipulate space and time itself. He and his best friend, Suko, decided to make Hero-For- Hire; a telephone hotline for hiring and renting his services as a superhero in order to become renown throughout his hometown of Tokyo. “RING! RING!!” Kira and Suko both jump out of their chairs and scurry across the room to the phone. “Suko, it’s our first call! What should I say? Eh-hem” Kira clears his throat and answers the phone call. “Hello, Hero-For-Hire, how can I help you?” The voice of a little girl replies. “Help, my Snowball’s in danger! Please save him,” Kira scrunches his eyebrows in confusion. “Who’s Snowball?” he askes. “It’s my kitty-cat. He’s stuck. Come to the corner of Kikyo Street and Yatso Avenue. Please hurry”. “Okay, I’ll be right there,” He hangs up the phone and runs out of the room. “Kira, wait! Where are we going?” Suko runs out after him.
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Kira and Suko get to the street corner to see a cat on top of a tree. “Can you get him back?” askes the little girl. “Have no fear, Hero-For-Hire is here!” Kira then walks over to the tree and shakes it, causing the cat to fall out. Quickly, he stops time just as the cat is a few feet from the ground. Kira simply puts his arms out and resumes time: the cat falls gently in his arms and remains unharmed. “I did it!” exclaims Kira as he walks over to the girl and hands her cat over to her. “Here you go little girl, your cat is safe and sound”.
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hum101025.short storyRD - Robert Crescenzi HUM 101.025...

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