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hum101025.vector - monotonous I do not consider myself a...

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Robert Crescenzi 9/30/10 Hum 101.025 The Vector The article “Canvas: Easy” written by Sheba Khan in The Vector is one of the worst articles I have ever read. Khan displays no traits of a good journalist in this piece of writing. This incoherent mess of run-ons and sentence fragments causes the reader to have trouble understanding its context. Along with poor sentence structure, Khan also shows no consideration for punctuation. In addition, she uses very poor vocabulary for a senior undergraduate to publish in a college newspaper. There is much to be improved on in Khan’s sentence structure of this passage. She abuses the word “and” as though commas do not exist. Her sentences are either multiple statements mashed together or fragments that hold little to no significance in its entirety. There are capitalization errors in half of her sentences: it almost seems like the editor didn’t even look at her work, let alone edited it. On top of that, Sheba rarely used periods, making her seem very
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Unformatted text preview: monotonous. I do not consider myself a very skilled writer, but I am convinced that I would do a better job than Sheba Khan at writing this article. I, unlike her, would use a wider selection of vocabulary. The most complex word used by Khan in this article is “affluent”. I understand that simplicity is sometimes a very necessary component towards writing, but this article is not the case. This student is a senior at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and although writing skills are not very needed in order to attend there, there still must be some sort of requirement. In my opinion, the writing skills applied in this article is to be compared with that of a sixth grader. The student body at New Jersey Institute of Technology should feel embarrassed to have such low quality of writing represent it’s school and education. This sub-par piece of literature has proved to be not only unworthy for publication in The Vector, But also unworthy to be shown to the public....
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