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hum101025.voting - American rights Many Americans remained...

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Robert Crescenzi HUM101.025 9/10/10 Mandatory Voting Throughout a few countries across the world, voting is made mandatory for all citizens during elections for supreme political power. Australia is one of those countries and the penalty for not voting is twenty dollars and/or a court session. Some argue that it would be wise to instate such a rule in the United States of America, whereas others feel that doing so would be a breach of the constitution. Upon further examination of this passage, the reader will see to understand and support the fact that passing a law to require voting for all American citizens is both unconstitutional and un-American. When America was created, the constitution was spawned with the intention of protecting its citizens’ freedoms and rights. This constitution grants the people the right to vote, hence making its government a democracy. Within the right to vote lies the right to not vote at all. Mandatory voting, therefore, is against the laws set by our founding fathers and is a violation of
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Unformatted text preview: American rights. Many Americans remained uninformed towards political issues and feel that it is not worth gaining any political knowledge, and the number of these citizens is growing by the day. If the law were to be passed forcing Americans to vote, the misconceived voters may not be informed enough to know which candidate supports their political ideals more, so the most qualified candidate may not succeed. The wrong president in office can potentially ruin America’s economic and financial status. The United States of America is responsible for the establishment of democracy in a governing body. Passing the law to require voting will not help America in the long run and it will diminish what little of the constitution remains in this country. If the American truly wants to vote, then he or she can get up from the couch and do so out of choice....
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hum101025.voting - American rights Many Americans remained...

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