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Robert Crescenzi HUM101.025 9/9/10 “You Are There In the past, CBS news program released a series of podcasts, known as “You Are There,” that emulated radio programs during a time in which radios did not exist. These podcasts were intended to educate and inform viewers on historical events. One notable event that it covered was the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1801. The podcast contained much historical accuracy and no frailties. The election of 1800, often nicknamed as the Revolution of 1800, resulted in Thomas Jefferson’s victory over Aaron Burr. There was one major flaw in the constitution that wasn’t recognized until this election. At the time, the Electoral College was able to vote two candidates for president and the candidate with the most votes becomes President and the one with the second most becomes vice president. A problem occurred when there was a tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr: they each received seventy-three votes from the Electoral College. The problem with this scenario was that both of the candidates were in the Democratic -
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hum101025.YouAreThere - Robert Crescenzi HUM101.025 9/9/10...

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