lecture 6 - History of Alcohol Lecture 6 America 17th...

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History of Alcohol – Lecture 6 America 17 th century (1600’s): Distilling and viticulture spread towards the west American’s had a hostile outlook on alcohol, much different from Europe Puritans were Anglicans (members of the church of England) who didn’t approve of sports, gambling, dancing, theatre But did approve of alcohol and wanted to help the culture There were many similarities between the Anglican church and Christian church which angered Anglicans Anglicans wanted to purify there church from the ideas of pope and other ideals Puritans came to the new world to establish a new kind of society They didn’t object to alcohol because it was the safest liquid to drink There was a feud between the puritans and the crew over the beer on the mayflower The captain relented and sent some beers to shore for the sick puritans Later ships brought plenty of more alcohol with them Excessive consumption was reduced by reducing number of ale houses In north America, some wine was made by Spanish settlers in Florida. . it wasn’t very clear about who started making wine first The English colonies thought they could make wine on eastern seaboard and export it, Virginia particularly They wanted to become independent from the rest of the world; Bordeaux for claret, Spain for sherry and Portugal for port There were regulations in 1620 that every household has to plant 10 vines a year and then 20 vines the next year for every male over 20 in household Every household received a booklet about viticulture Protestants had much higher literacy than Catholics
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The vines didn’t grow at all, simply died because it was too cold in winter and humid in the summer and all kinds of pests attacking vines Phylloxera is a tiny insect, barely visible, yellow. They live on the roots of grape vines,
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lecture 6 - History of Alcohol Lecture 6 America 17th...

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