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Unformatted text preview: Elementary Composition (1) October 14, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU Do exercise, and you can be healthy Exercise is an excellent method to improve your overall health. First, I think obesity is a root of all diseases. Many people are worrying about their fatness, but if you do exercise regularly, you can lose your weight and keep up a proper weigh. So I think exercise is the best way to prevent many diseases which can be caused by corpulence such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and so on. I think prevention of disease is the best way to be healthy. In addition, doing exercise lets your body develops in many parts. Running makes your heart stronger and weight training makes lots of muscles, which is an essential condition for your healthy life. Therefore, preventing many diseases and developing body’s ability, which can be gained by exercise, is an excellent method to be healthy. . ...
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