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Unformatted text preview: Elementary Composition (2) November 18, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU Someone I want to be, something I want to have I think most of women in Korea have dissatisfaction with their body shape, so do I. A few days ago, I went to a shopping mall to buy new winter clothes, there were many beautiful clothes, but the clothes were too small for me to wear. Besides, my appearance in the mirror looks like a fat pig. Every season, I surprise to my body shape having more fat and decide in this year I have to lose my weight, but losing weight is so hard to me. Actually, my weight is a fixed standard for my height, but I can’t think my weight is normal. Also, most people think skinny women are slim and normal. Why can’t I satisfy my feature, why do most Korean think slim women look good and beauty? I think most of Korean always cares their feature in order to be shown well another. Of course, I agree with effort to adorn them but it is not good way that people more spend their time to decorate appearance than to improve their worth. However, most Korean reflects someone’s looking, when they think about someone. Also, when one person meets another first, someone’s appearance, especially body shape, gives big effect to judge another, and many Korean have bad prejudice that the slim people are diligence and the fat people are lazy. So, many women in Korea do diet to lose their weight though it makes them hardly and maybe they who are doing diet have normal weight. That is because Korean society requires people to be slim and slim, skinny, too! It may be true that suitably slim body shape looks good, but it’s the matter that we want extremely slim body shape. I think we improve our skill to see not someone’s appearance but inside, and person who spend their time and money to try to upgrade their worth is best beautiful. Last, perhaps the fat people are not lazy but that is physicality. So though I feel sadness to become fat and can’t throw away a desire I want to be slim, I try to be beautiful person whose inside is wonderful. ...
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